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Average Joe’s Eyewear was founded based on the belief that eyewear shouldn’t be as expensive as it is.

By partnering directly with a top tier lab and frame company, we are able to offer you the same great quality of eyewear that you would get at your doctor’s office or local optical shop, for significantly less cost to you.

Why we do what we do - a story by the founder

     It was the end of the summer of 96, I was working as a lab assistant at a major optical retail chain in New England. The mall was busy with people shopping for back to school and our shop was busy too. I noticed a young lady and her father stroll into the store, her head was down and her hair covered most of her face. I introduced myself and asked if they needed any help, the father said that her daughter needed her glasses adjusted. They’ve been to several optical shops in the area but nobody can ever get it right. I asked her what was the main issue with her glasses, she lifted her head very slowly, barely making any eye contact and said that they kept sliding down her nose. I just smiled and told her no problem I’ll take care of everything. I switched out her nose-pads, adjusted her temples so they wouldn’t rub so much on the side of her head and straightened the bend behind her ears so they wouldn’t ‘hook’ so much. I took some extra time and care with her, she was very shy in the beginning but eventually I was able to strike up a conversation with her. She told me that she’s off to college and she’s quite nervous about leaving home for the first time, freshman jitters is what she called it. When I finished with her adjustments I asked her if it felt better, she was so excited she actually teared up a bit and thanked me. Her father shook my hand and also thanked me for taking the time in making her glasses fit better. I told them that it was my pleasure and to come again if they ever need another adjustment.

     Now you’re thinking why this big story of a simple eyewear adjustment, well you see the young lady suffered from 3rd degree burns from incident that happened to her when she was very young. She was a victim of an accidental grease fire that started in her house and it unfortunately left her face completely disfigured, making it extremely difficult to adjust a pair of glasses on her. But I treated her no different than any other customer that came through those doors, I just took it as a challenging task and did my best. And it was at that very moment I realized why I enjoy this field, to help people see better one customer at a time.

We use the latest technology available

With all of the various types of lenses and options that are available, our lab can help you to simplify your selection with the latest technology to create a perfect lens just for you. Our goal is to keep you looking stylish, seeing clearly and to save you money, all while offering a user friendly and simple buying experience.

Buying eyewear shouldn’t be difficult, and we are here to prove that to you.

Learn more about the types of lenses we offer – from single vision to digital progressives. 

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Current Styles Always In Stock

We update our selections often in order to keep on top of current fashion trends, but also stock tried and true favorites. This means that we have something for everyone. Cant decide between two pairs? With the amount you are saving by shopping with us, you can afford both. We make glasses not only a necessity but also an affordable accessory.

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