Summer lovin’….your new glasses!

June 2, 2019

Glasses Trends for Summer 2019

-By Amy Lancaster

As the weather warms up and the sun gets brighter, more people are going to be donning glasses, whether traditional or for the sun. Today we’re going to be examining the trends we’ve noticed for frames that will bring out your inner fashionista for summer 2019.

Retro Cat-Eye Lenses

Cat lovers and rockabilly enthusiasts rejoice – cat-eye lenses are officially back in style! This classic shape is a perfect complement to the retro trends that are coming back into fashion this summer. Look for frames that have a rounded bottom and an elongated lens. While thicker frames are more in favor with this trend, they can be paired with a thinner frame as well!

Popular colors for this look include tortoise-shell, olive green, and black. You’ll also see this frame shape with black lenses and bright frames, such as neon colors, white, or red (which we’ll talk about below)!


If you’re looking to exude an air of confidence and power, look no further than red glasses. From the frames to the lenses, red on faces is going to be seen everywhere this summer. For a softer look, pair red frames with a blue sheer lens. For bolder looks, red-on-red will definitely put you in the ranks of Marvel superheroes. For a smaller punch, red with black frames is always a go-to as well. The nice thing about this trend in particular is that you can control how extravagant and out there you want it to be!

Chains and Bling

Believe it or not, those dorky behind-the-head chains you would be teased about back in school are cool now! Stick it to your bullies by rocking frames with an elegant gold chain, chains with moon and star designs, or jewels!

The shiny, gaudy look doesn’t just stop at chains, however. This season, a lot of frames are going to be sporting a lot of bling. Sequins, diamonds, and intricate silver pieces rocked the runways of Givenchy and Prada – bring it to the real world by finding frames with smaller silver accents.

Shield Lenses

Traditional frame shapes, your day in the sun is done. Especially on this season’s runways, we’ll be seeing a lot of unique shapes into the word of frames and lenses. One in particular is what’s called the shield shape. You’ll recognize it as frames that cover the entirety of your eyes and curve around your head. Rather than being bi-framed, these glasses are made with one lens that stretches all the way across, creating a sporty, dynamic look.

Wear these for long motorcycle rides or when you play some beach volleyball. You’ll be stylish and protected from the rays!


Yes, we just gushed about how cool weird shapes are, but you can’t deny a classic. Round glasses are also making their triumphant return this season, and once again, they are right on par with this 60’s revolution that’s occurring in high fashion. If you’re looking for a frame shape that isn’t as out-there are the other trends, but you still want to be stylish, round lenses might just be for you. Big and small, any size will work well this season.

Which trend is your favorite for this summer? Are there any other trends that you’ve noticed are making a comeback? Let us know in the comments!

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